Coffee Talk 2015: Week 15 {Be Thankful? You Can’t Be Serious! Part 3}

Damsels in Distress Biblical Solutions for Problems with the World Be Thankful? You Can’t Be Serious! Part 3 Trials by Brittany Cady Have you ever had someone tell you that you are a positive person? The real truth about me is something totally different. I am a doubter; I am often an anxious mess, and I […]

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  • Don’t Be a Wackaroo 13 September, 2016
    Have you ever been so angry you threw something against a wall or smashed it on the floor? Sadly, I have and most of you probably have as well. It’s a human problem that dates back to the days of Cain and Abel. Cain was so jealous and angry with Abel that he killed him, […]
  • Do Not Worry 5 August, 2016
    Three times in 10 verses Jesus tells us not to worry. (Matt. 6:25-34) So, why do I worry from time to time and what do I worry about? Furthermore, if Jesus tells me not to worry, then I have to believe there is a way to avoid it. First, let’s define the kind of worry […]
  • The Proactive Parent 22 April, 2016
    Two weeks ago, in one of my sermons in the series on parenting, I noted the need for a parent to be proactive.  My point was simple, yet not so simple; if you are going to be raising your children as a Christian you must “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” […]