Remember Them In Prayer

I remember thinking when I was a little girl that I would like to grow up to be a missionary. Although I am not completely convinced that this is not the Lord’s plan for me, I do know that it is not His plan for me now. However, as we are continually reminded at Temple, there are two kinds of Christians: those who are missionaries and those who send missionaries.
Many women are moms who bring little or no actual income into their households. Others, like myself, have a small income and are only able to give to missions from this amount. If you are like me, often times you have felt like you wish you could do more for the people who devote their lives to spreading the Good News of salvation to the world. Let me encourage you through the reminder that prayer is a powerful tool.
I may not be able to get on a plane tomorrow and fly to Cameroon to share Christ with unbelievers, but I can actively lift up in prayer those who have. I may not be able to give large sums of money to believers working in Myanmar, but I can richly bless them through my continuous prayers. Psalm 6:9 “The LORD has heard my supplication, the LORD receives my prayer.”
With this in mind, please be in prayer this week for the people in Burma. They are now estimating that the deaths from the cyclone earlier this month are close to 100,000. This number will go much higher if survivors are not able to receive adequate and timely prayer.
Also, keep in mind the people of Myanmar, who are still receiving little aid. Government officials are refusing any foreign aid to come to the survivors of the cyclone and these deaths are now estimated to be over 28,000.
Keep these people’s physical needs in your prayers along with their spiritual needs. Pray for believers who are present, that they would be bright lights amid all the darkness and that the Lord would use them powerfully to spread the gospel.

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