My dad…

Before you read my post, you should know that I have been reminded, on several different occasions by several different people, that my dad is not perfect. I was reminded this because I tend to think that, really, he is. I mean, I know that he isn’t but I usually think that if ever anyone was close to being perfect, it would be him. However, I still don’t think its bad for a daughter to have a high view of her father.
One of my favorite things about my dad is that he is always fair. My sisters and brother and I have always been able to go to him and give him “the story” and know that we will be treated fairly. If we were in the wrong, well, sucks to be us. But if someone else told the story wrong, or the story was misunderstood, he was always ready to hear a clarification and change judgment. It is an incredible blessing, to have a father who always has time to listen, a father who we never need to be afraid to go to.
Another thing I love about my dad is how much he loves his family. He absolutely adores my mom. He loves her so much and shows it in hundreds of ways. Us kids never had to wonder how he felt about her, because it was obvious. One of the worst things one of us kids could ever do was disrespect our mom. A father who loves his wife in this way is one of the greatest blessings a child can have growing up. He also loves his kids. None of us has ever had to wonder how our dad felt about us. We’ve never felt like we weren’t a priority for him. We’ve never been afraid of him.
My dad loves his Lord, most of all. He is a man who acts out this love in everything he does. When I was really little, my dad was in college, then seminary. When I was ten, he became the pastor at Temple and has been ministering there ever since. I’ve always loved that he is a pastor. He is a walking concordance and reference book. His job was a great opportunity for us to learn to have a high view of the importance of ministering. Our church body is very dear and important to my dad and he taught his kids to feel the same way.
My dad has always provided for his family. I know when I was really little we had very little money. Fortunately, kids rarely know these things. I never had any idea until years later when he told us. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t have loads of money now, but its more than then. We have never gone wanting, have never been hungry. We are amply provided for in every imaginable way.
My dad is a humble man. He is always ready to seek forgiveness. This is such a crucial attribute for a father to have. A father who is willing to seek his children’s forgiveness is an amazing father. We have benefited from this immensely.
I could go on forever, but this is getting kind of long. I hope that I have been able to convey to you how much I love my dad. He’s an awesome person. He loves the Lord and loves his family. I couldn’t ask for a better dad.


  1. Betsy Aldrich says:

    Great post Nichole. Your dad is truly a blessing to you all as well as the rest of us at TBC. Your respect for him is evident and an example to your peers.

  2. Williamn says:

    You mean he’s NOT perfect? Oh my, that kinda ruins it for me… lol I think one of the most admirable things about you is your love and respect for your dad. It has molded you into the person you are, and will continue to mold you as you grow older. Don’t let anyone take that from you, it is truly charming.

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