Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Last Friday I was able to get off work in time to go and watch the co-ed softball game. I rushed over the second I left work so that I wouldn’t miss anything. By the time I got there I was so hungry – all I had had to eat that day was some cheese popcorn! I mentioned this fact to my sister Bekah very offhandedly and she immediately responded by giving me a burrito she had bought for herself from Taco Bell.
It touched my heart and caused me to consider for the past few days what a blessing my family is to me. These thoughts have led me to my church family and the relationship I am to have with my brothers and sisters in Christ.
In the same way that I would freely give my sisters and brother anything they needed, I should be looking for opportunities to minister and serve my other family. I should be eager and ready to forget and forgive any wrongs done to me in the same way I would forgive my brother Matt. I should humbly seek forgiveness in the same way I would if I had sinned against Lydia. I should be actively looking for ways I can help and serve my church body in the same way I ask my mom if there is anything I can help her with. I should obey promptly and happily if an elder or deacon asks me to do something in the same way I would obey if my dad asked me to do something.
We are told that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. It is a beautiful picture of the relationship we can aspire to have with each other. If you have great relationships with your family then you can hold them up as a standard: Do I treat my brothers and sisters at Temple with the same preference, respect, and love that I treat my family? If you don’t have good relationships with your family then you can praise God that he has given you a second family, a family that you will spend eternity with.
Let us all decide to “tie on the apron of servitude” this week and look for ways to serve your church family as you serve your own brothers and sisters and they serve you.

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