Pastoral Thoughts on Modesty Pt. 1

Happy Monday! The girls and I asked Pastor Matt (or Dad, as I like to call him) to be our guest blogger this week and give us some thoughts on modesty while we enjoy a break from blogging. 🙂

“When I was asked to write this article on modesty, I began to think how best to approach it without merely repeating my sermon. This then led to ‘brain-freeze’ as I had many other things on my mind at the time. But, as I continued to give it thought, I realized that there were two over-arching issues that had to be made clear: The first, the glory of God and second, the glory of His gospel. If these are not what drives it all then I am a sad creature who at best can speak of morality but offer no hope or true direction. So allow me to start with these two points and then build from there (I already pity my poor daughter who must edit this for I sense many words flowing into my mind).

First modesty must be for the glory of God. Not so that your husband does not see a scantily-clad woman and lust. Not so that you don’t feel uncomfortable because there are women around you with beautiful, young bodies with which you can’t compete. Not because as a man you are tired of looking at the floor more than what lies ahead of you. Not because . . . anything else.

Why is there immodesty in this world? There is a famine in the land for the glory of God to be preeminent! It really is that simple. Romans 1:20-23 makes it clear that the chief sin of mankind is to give glory to the creation and not the Creator. But right after that there is a key word that helps us in this subject of modesty, “therefore.” The result of honoring the creation over the Creator? We are given over to degrading passions of every type. Therefore, immodesty is merely the outworking of people who delight in their glory rather that the glory of their Creator. And that is exactly what we see in the garden in the beginning isn’t it? No sin, and man and woman are happily naked without even knowing it and it was very good. Sin comes into the picture and now they are ashamed and God must cover them with clothing. And from that moment on, we have been using clothing and the lack thereof to encourage eyes and minds to look at the creature and forget the Creator.

Therefore, the first answer within the Church and within Christian homes to promote true modesty requires that fathers and mothers to stop focusing on themselves, their children, their IRAs, their lawns, and their comforts and start focusing upon the glory of God. We need to see repentance take place in our hearts as we see the various ways we have usurped the glory of God for our own glory. We need to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and reorient our goals and passions toward Him. And only then can we begin to truly consider modesty.

The second point is closely aligned with the first for the gospel of God IS the glory of God! 2 Corinthians 4:4 reminds us that Satan is busy obscuring the glory of the gospel, Jesus Christ. And one simple way this is done is by the showing of just a hint of cleavage , the sensuous swing of hips, or the inviting uplifting of the eyebrows as a young man is invited to look at that which does not belong to him. The gospel is all about the mercies of God toward a rebellious people. It is the sovereign act of God to redeem for Himself a people for His Name. And when those people who purport to bear His Name comport themselves in an immodest manner they deny the soul-saving, life-altering, Christ-exalting, hope-filled gospel that saved them.

And so, the first step in becoming modest is to repent of ourselves and the love we pour upon ourselves. And only then will the words that follow make sense.

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