Witty Wednesday

Okay Ladies here is what happened…I was having trouble getting the video that Betsy sent me through an email to blogger. So I took a shortcut and searched for the video on youtube. I found one that looked right, watched the first 15 seconds and saw it was the same and posted it. However, while Betsy’s video ended at the 40 second mark, this video kept going for a while which is where the content problems came it. I apologize…from now on I will watch the WHOLE video and not just assume!

Really quickly, I did have a note with the other video: because of some posting issues with the blogger site we have been having, we are just now getting this video up here…9:45pm! So I am going to leave it up all day tomorrow and post the Respectable Sins post on Saturday.

Again, I apologize for the other video and very much hope that we were able to remove it before you saw it!

Here is a video that you can watch…it made me laugh

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