Bookends Chapter 7: Dependent Responsibility

“We’re to work diligently at our Christian growth but in the assurance that God is at work in us.”

I think this quote from page 97 pretty much sums up chapter 7. The authors are saying, “Don’t think you have found the loophole! You are still responsible for your actions!” A friend of mine said it really well, “You will never be judged on your fruitfulness but you will always be judged on your faithfulness.” Rephrased this means, God will judge us based on our faithfulness to His commands and how seriously we take our sanctification. But He will never judge us on the outcomes of our faithfulness. You might spend your entire life witnessing to a tribe in Africa and never see a single convert. Fine. You were faithful to preach the Word. You will not be judged because souls were not won. You were faithful. The lesson? Work hard and trust God with the outcome.

This can be a difficult lesson to learn if you are anything like me, but it is a liberating idea. God is in complete control, so I am free to obey Him and know that it will be okay.

What part of the chapter stood out most to you?

Do you agree with the warnings regarding spiritual disciplines that the authors gave on page 99? Why or why not?

Which of the four disciplines they listed do you struggle with the most?

This was a short chapter but an important one. Ladies, do not rely on your own strength to accomplish anything. Put your trust in the Spirit. We truly can do nothing good apart from His power working through us.

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