Blogs I Like Part 1 – My 3 Favorites

Happy Thursday Ladies! Today I am kicking off a four part series devoted to sharing with you the blogs I read on a consistent basis. These blogs are all worth visiting and I have personally learned a lot from each and every one of them.

The Blazing Center
The Blazing Center is my favorite blog. Hands down. It is co-authored by Mark and Stephen Altrogge. This blog rarely features series, but rather focuses on new topics every day. The blogs are never very long and are written succinctly. Their topics are always practical and biblical and it’s easy to incorporate what was discussed into your day (and, hopefully, in the days after that!) I really enjoy the way they write, the examples they use, and the topics they discuss. I never miss a post!

Big Picture
This is a really cool website. Photographers travel the world and take…well…pictures 🙂 Each picture is captioned with a line or two with some interesting information about the photo you are viewing. Themes range from “Recent Hindu Festivals” to “Remembering September 11″ to China prepares for its 60th Anniversary” to “Afghanistan, September 2009.” They document important global events such as the Olympics, presidential elections, wars, natural disasters, trips to space, etc. The pictures are fabulous. I get really excited whenever I see the Big Picture has been updated and highly recommend you checking it out!

Desiring God Blog

The Desiring God blog is kind of a given for a favorite. John Piper, along with others from Bethlehem Baptist, contribute to the writing of this blog. In addition to typical posts (which are always God centered and written to convict or encourage), they provide updates of what is going on in their ministry. This includes finding out about new books, good deals, new translations of the Bible, sermon series, conferences, and more. It is definitely a blog I follow daily.

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