Tactics Book Review

Tactics Book Review, written by Kim Henry

Gregory Koukl’s book was one of the best books regarding witnessing that I have ever read. It was great to glean from his many years of experience in talking with people on the radio as well as from conversations with people that the Lord has brought into his life. There are many conversations with many different types of people in the book as well as many questions to ask our friends and family. For example, a conversation with a witch was particularly helpful to me in that I find talking with a witch intimidating.

His idea of questioning people is brilliant. Rather than us telling people the gospel, which many times falls on deaf ears, he suggests asking questions. This way we can determine whether or not they are ready to hear. If they aren’t ready we can continue to show them the love of Christ and pray for them. While asking the Lord to prepare their hearts and to show us when to try again. Asking questions also allows them to think about their positions/religions in a way that they may never have before. He points out that many people believe certain things simply because the person that they heard these ideas from presented a good argument. They have never given their opinions any thought they have merely accepted them.

He explains that the questions must be bathed in love and not for the sake of winning an argument. As we know, many Christians have been antagonistic and represented Christianity poorly. The goal is to help people to think and open the doors for further conversations.

My prayer is that every Christian will read this book and that those of you that are able to come to the book discussion will join us. I would like to discuss ways to begin to put Gregory Koukl’s method into practice as well as hand out a card with questions that we can begin to memorize.

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