Titus 2 Month

Hello Ladies! I’m doing something completely unprecedented – I’m posting twice in one day!

I have a couple of reasons for this, one minor and one major. The minor reason is just to point out the list of articles we link to almost directly under the pictures of the main contributors to this blog. This list is updated pretty much every day and I highly recommend that you take a few minutes to check them out. The topics range from spiritual growth to important US or Global news to funny stories to beautiful photographs to time and money saving household tips. Lots of good stuff. 🙂

The main reason is to point you to the other (and I think original) True Women Blog. This is a great blog that I subscribe to and read almost every post. I skipped a lot in October because the theme was mothering or something and it didn’t really apply to me. But this month the topic is becoming a Titus 2 woman and this is the reason for my unprecedented second post.

The True Women blog is very well done. The writing is concise and they have many different writers. I have always enjoyed the benefit of hearing from a range of women of all different times of life and levels of maturity through this blog. Here is the link to the first post of the month. I very highly recommend that you check in every day to see what is new. I know I will!

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