Witty Wednesday

Good Morning, Ladies! Happy Wednesday 🙂 Karen asked me to post the following story for her, as she will not be by a computer today.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving day, I have kind of a Witty Thanksgiving post for you:

I have a funny story about Thanksgiving 1983. Dan and I were already married, and my parents and sister came down to Alabama for Thanksgiving. Somehow, one of us kept saying we should “show our appreciation” for things since it was Thanksgiving time. It snowballed and got to be a joke amongst us. Everytime we did or ate anything that entire weekend, we had to “show our appreciation” for it.
There was this great ice cream parlor there called Swenson’s. They had very good ice cream (Kopp’s custard is the best) and it was something special to go there. So, we all went to Swenson’s. I was very pregnant with Daniel at the time. My Dad couldn’t decide what flavor he wanted so he asked me if I wanted to split this humongus ice cream sundae. I forget the name of it but, it contained a scoop of every flavor they had (about 30 I think) as well as hot fudge, carmel, strawberries, just everything that can possibly be put on an ice cream sundae. It was served in what resembled a small, silver punch bowl. When the waitress brought it to the table, my Dad and I wondered how we were ever going to finish all of that ice cream. So, we decided to dig in and see what happened. We kept telling each other to “show our appreciation” for all of that ice cream. Our whole group was laughing so hard and loud, people kept looking at us. My Dad and I ended up getting really full. We didn’t finish all of it but it wasn’t for a lack of trying. We also laughed about when we were going to get up from the table and everyone would see my over inflated belly and think I had way to much ice cream.
Ever since that time, Thanksgiving is always a time to “show our appreciation” and sometimes we “show our appreciation” even when it’s not Thanksgiving.
I thought it would be nice if everyone shared something that they are especially thankful for this year. I’ll start us off with what I am thankful for:
I am most thankful for Jesus’s death on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin so I can have a relationship with Him and live with Him forever. I am also thankful that I can walk and that the Lord healed my leg.
Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We’d love to hear some of your favorite Thanksgiving stories! Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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