Jesus Tree

Noel Piper had an excellent idea (in my opinion) for a Christmas tradition over on the Desiring God blog a few days ago. I have no children – or even a house of my own! – so I am sharing the idea with you all.

She suggested having a small tree or branch set aside to be the ‘Jesus Tree’ during the Christmas season. Every ornament on this tree needed to relate to Jesus in someway – be it a little cow from the stable where he was born to a disco ball symbolizing the light that Jesus brought to the world and the multifaceted aspects to His person to a figure of the globe.

I thought it would be an excellent thing to do with younger children. You could have them be responsible for decorating the tree, but with the stipulation that they must explain to you how each decoration reminds them of Jesus first. Its a great way to have discussions with your kids and see where their minds are. What child is not interested in decorating a tree?

It is also another excellent way of keeping in strict focus the point of Christmas – not presents, not fun decorations, not cookies, not Christmas carols, not time off school – Jesus’ birth.

Please take the time to read Noel’s article that I linked to above. She includes a few more details than I have, including many creative suggestions of ornaments that can be included on the tree. Do you have some creative ideas of how you and your family keep Jesus at the center of Christmas? Please share in the comments.


  1. While my children were growing up we did the Jesse Tree, this was a branch stuck in a can and we adorned with handmade ornaments representing the redemption story from creation to Christ birth. Beginning December1-25th we hung a new ornament each day reading the scripture that it represented.We lite an advent candle, prayed and sang a Christmas song or two.
    Remembering why Christ was promised and the promise given was important and I cherish those memories. My children have grown and this tradition has been replaced by those who believe with their own traditions of remembering. For those who do not yet see Christ as wholly wonderful and desirable I pray the Lord be pleased to use what they have heard to pierce their hearts and bring them to Himself.
    And that I continue to look forward to the King's return as those before me looked for the first advent.

  2. Amen, Shelly. I too saw Noel's post about the tree and it got me thinking…With boys most of my traditions will one day be replaced w/those their wives would bring w/them. So I figured we could adopt a tree like the one she suggested for at least 15yrs, and that's not bad at all. I'm seriously thinking about doing that next year, if Jon is okay w/that! 🙂

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