Discipleship Testimonies

Happy Thursday, Ladies! I hope you were all able to take note of the discipleship testimonies that were in the bulletin the past few weeks and I hope even more to see you all at the book study this Saturday. Even if you haven’t read the book, it would be well worth your time to come and enjoy the discussion and fellowship. I very much look forward to each of the book discussions.

I cannot speak highly enough of the value of being in a discipleship relationship, whether as the one being discipled or the one doing the discipling. There is great blessing that comes with both sides and huge benefits that I have no doubt we will not fully be able to comprehend until we are with the Lord. Here are a couple testimonies to this:

I’m a check list type of gal. Give me a list of things to do and let me check them off or at least attempt to and I’m content. So when I met this young lady at work with a lot of questions my plan was to basically answer the questions. God’s plan was answer the questions while she became a part of my life.
I invited her to church and then small group. We began meeting weekly and I gave her homework which she was always faithful to do. Soon Ashley became more then a co-worker or someone I met with she became family.
She plays with the grandkids, comes over to watch movies, eats with us, naps on our couch and sometimes hijacks my facebook.
I have been privileged to see the mercy and goodness of our God wash over Ashley’s life and most recently had the joy of seeing her make a public profession of faith. I have seen the word stretch and grow her into a young woman who desires to share the gospel. Checklists are good but watching a young woman blossom in the word and have a heart for Jesus is a blessing I may have missed if I just stuck to my checklist or had left the “spiritual mothering”to someone else.
I have been reminded this life is not to be lived out alone. This life is to be lived out with passion in ” God’s design for women and thus adorn the gospel with our lives so we may impact our world as we make disciples of Jesus Christ.”
Shelly Smith

I was ‘tricked’ into a discipleship relationship when I was 15. I was unable to go to one of the Sunday School classes but had really wanted to read the book that was being taught. A friend asked me if I would like to go through it with her during the week, as she was also unable to attend the class. We are still meeting to this day. A few sentences is not enough to speak of the massive blessing that this has been for me over the last 8 years. She offered teaching, direction, counsel, friendship, and love. Today she is one of my closest friends. Because of the benefit that this relationship has been to me, I am very excited (and nervous!) as I have recently entered into a similar one with a younger girl at church. Just the few weeks we have had together have been amazing. Whether its hanging out at Dunn Bros drinking smoothies or whispering in the local library, our conversations have been good. I am so much looking forward to watching as the Lord grows this young lady into a woman whose life is consumed in passion for His glory! I am excited to know her better and develop our friendship. I am eager to come alongside her as she enters into the difficult teen years. And I am anticipating all that the Lord will teach me through her. – Nichole Henry


  1. Jasmine Aldrich says:

    "Tricked?!" lol I love you!

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