Tom Love

Tom Love oversees missions at Missio Dei. Below are some ways that he feels we can most effectively be keeping this ministry in prayer.

First, let me say that I am blessed and humbled to serve MDF in this position. It is my desire to serve and honor God in this position to make His name known, to call all people to worship Jesus Christ the risen Lord, and to serve His people as we minister together for the sake of the Gospel! We are truly blessed to have been given a vision of what can happen concerning Missions through our relationships with Philemon and Linda Yong and the work that they are doing at Cameroon Baptist Theological Seminary in Ndu, Northwest Province, Cameroon, West Africa. I believe that our Missions program was changed forever when our Pastor Matt Henry first invited Philemon to come and speak to our Church. We heard about the Yong’s desire to be a blessing to the nations because they/we are so blessed (Ps. 67). Our Mission’s program was changed forever because of their vision and we are grateful to God for increasing our vision.
That said we will face many challenges as we seek to continue to grow up into a mission’s minded people. One of those challenges is that I receive many invitations to support numerous missions work and it is difficult to know who to support and when to say no. This is never easy to do, for many of these people have left all to follow their “calling,” and the work that they are seeking to accomplish for the Kingdom is a good work. But we cannot support everyone so please pray for discernment and wisdom in these hard decisions.
Second, I need to find better ways to keep the Body at MDF informed of the work that our missionaries and the organizations that we are supporting are doing. Please pray that I will be able to disseminate information and pass that along to you, so that you will be better informed and thus be able to pray accordingly.

John and Rhonda Monks, Mort and Pam Pappenfuss, Sherri Stocker, and Nichole Henry individually oversee various aspects of our Missions endeavors. They include Care Net Crisis Pregnancy Centers, Action Packs, BloodWater Mission, and Compassion International.
John and Rhonda have been responsible for our relationship with Care Net in Southeast Wisconsin. They have been organizing the baby bottle campaign as well as the Walk for Life Campaign. By God’s grace we have been at the top of the fund raising efforts for this organization for the past few years. We are hoping to see our involvement increase to include working at the facility. Pray that they would continue to find ways to see our financial involvement grow, but more importantly that we would see members of MDF get personally involved with the ministry of Care Net. Lives of little ones are being saved and people are coming to faith in Jesus and we praise God for the work of Care Net.
Mort and Pam have been overseeing our work with Voice of the Martyrs Action Packs. These packs are sent to various places around the world to meet individual physical and psiritual needs. Mort and Pam spend a great deal of their time and money throughout the year to purchase items to put into bags. They have been so faithful to find great deals on items to put into the bags. They have also had many opportunities to speak to people about the work that they are doing and when people hear about this work they often times donate items. They are always in need of certain items so pleas pray that they would be able to find them. The shipping of the boxes full of the Action Packs is very costly so please pray that we would be able to find a way to cut the cost of shipping. we may never see the effects of this work that we are involved with, but we are please to be serving the “least of these.” Praise God for VOM and ask God to guard this vital ministry to the persecuted Church around the world.
Sherri Stocker will be overseeing our Youth mission’s emphasis. It is our desire that every age group in our church become involved in Missions. We have in the past been involved with the BloodWater Mission. This organization is working to see that the AID’s epidemic in Africa is given the proper attention and support. They also see the need for fresh, clean drinking water to be addressed. Because this organization was started by the group Jar’s of Clay, we saw a natural fit for our youth. We would also like to send our youth on short term mission’s trips, so please pray that we would find worthwhile endeavor’s for them. This is an evolving ministry and I would ask that you pray for Sherri as she looks to increase the vision of this ministry to MDF.
Nichole Henry is overseeing our Children’s Missions Ministry. We have chosen to support the work fo Compassion International. This organization is involved with helping to feed, educate, and most importantly, present the Gospel to little ones around the world. Right now MDF sponsor’s two children, Izamari, a young lady living in Honduras, and “J” a young boy living in Thailand. W want our MDF children to gain a vision for Missions, and this organization is one of the most trusted and effective ministries in place. Nichole will be organizing a Compassion Sunday where not only will she present opportunities for us individually to sponsor a child, but our children will participate in a Memory Verse Marathon. We will be given the chance to pledge money for each verse memorized to help support this ministry. Pray that Nichole will find effective ways to increase our children’s vision of the world and how they can affect it.
I am over our involvement with Philemon and Linda Yong at CBTS in Cameroon West Africa and Steve and Leslie Schneider who are currently at language school in Costa Rica, and Lord willing will be on their way to Santiago, Chile to teach at Facultad Teologica Biblica Bautistah. Both of these families represent a fundamental belief that we at MDF hold. We believe that in order for the Gospel to be preached effectively, pastors must be well trained. These men will then go and teach their congregations well and equip them for the work of the ministry. Please pray that these families will be effective in their ministries and that many new believers will be born out of their labors. Also, please pray for a potential trip this fall to CBTS. A man from Philemon’s home church has donated money for electrical upgrades and we may send a small team to install a generator for the whole school There are many logistical hurdles, but we know that our God can overcome these and many more. Pray for our Pastor as he prepare to go this fall to teach at CBTS. We will be trying to combine these two trips, please pray as we work out the details.

Right now we are in need of financial support. With the downturn in the economy in 2009 we saw our budgeted money from the weekly giving at MDF cut in half. 5% of the money given weekly is designated to MDF Missions. Thsi meanst aht we are operating on an annual budget of $10,000. Thisis not enough to support the work that we are involved with, and yet we have had some faithful people designate above their normal giving, money to support MDF Missions. Please pray that we would see more people sacrificially give to support this vital ministry.

Our vision statement reads:
“The Vision of the Missio Dei Fellowship Missions Program is to further advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ toward the creation of true worshipers of the One True and Holy God in every tribe, tongue, and nation.”

Please pray that we would remain faithful to the cause of seeing this lived out in the ministries we choose to support.

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