Book Discussion: The Cross Centered Life, Chapter 1

In the first chapter of the Cross Centered Life, Mahaney introduces the concept of the importance of living a “cross centered life.” On page 16 he writes, “Perhaps the purpose of this book is to restate the obvious, yet oft-neglected, truth of the gospel, to bring it before you one more time.”

The gospel is the most important truth in a Christian’s life but it is often forgotten in the business of daily life and eagerness to learn something “new.” The result of this is always bad. We loose our joy, our focus, and our purpose. Mahaney says that the signs of not living a cross centered life are obvious, and then poses the following qualities of a person in this position to help us determine if this could be us.

  • You often lack joy.
  • You’re not consistently growing in spiritual maturity.
  • Your love for God lacks passion.
  • You’re always looking for some new technique, some “new truth” or new experience that will pull all the pieces of your faith together.

The gospel is the most important truth of the Bible and its theme throughout. Without the gospel the Bible would have no purpose. It would only serve to condemn us. But because of the gospel, because of the awesome work that Jesus did on the cross, we have salvation. Our sins have been paid for and we have an eternity with God to look forward to! This is great truth! This is joyful, dancing in the streets truth! This is tell everyone you know because you are so excited truth!

The sad reality is that most of us live in the list I quoted from the book rather than the scene I just described. We are far from joyful, spending most of our days caught up in busywork and struggling with depression and anxiety. We don’t share the gospel with our friends and neighbors because we are shy or scared or because we simply don’t think to. And this is sad, friends. This is wrong.

Join me in rediscovering the great truth of the gospel, of recovering the joy you had when you first were saved. “The key to joy, to growth, to passion isn’t hiding from you. It’s right before your eyes.

It’s the gospel.”

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