Good Morning Ladies and happy Thursday. I hope you’ve been enjoying the last few weeks where we have had several! Witty Wednesday posts in a row. I know they were cheesy…but they were posted by me…so this really shouldn’t be a surprise! And I really liked a few of those ‘bulletin bloopers!’

Unfortunately, I have given all I have to give in this area. I am not a funny person and I rarely receive funny material to share with others. Also unfortunately is that the other ladies contributing to this blog also seem to have a lack of funny ideas.

Therefore…I want to give all of you the chance to participate!!

Do you have funny stories to tell? Amusing pictures of your children (or yourselves, we aren’t picky!) doing silly things? Are you one of those people that gets those funny email-chains (and no…this isn’t me asking to be put on those email chains!!)

If you answered YES to any of the above questions and would like to have your story/pictures/jokes/etc. featured on the blog, please send them to me (Nichole) at:

We would love to feature your silliness on Wednesdays, especially considering the overall poor job that we’ve done in this area ourselves. We will also give proper credit where it is due.

I hope to hear from you soon!!

note: Mom, don’t even bother sending funny pictures of me…I am telling you now that I will “forget” to post them šŸ™‚

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