Testimony of God’s Graciousness

As some of you know, I had the opportunity last week to travel for work. I was gone Sunday night through Friday night and traveled back and forth between Franklin, MA and Apex, NC every day. It was a long trip, but a good one. The schedule made for a week of very little sleep and much stress but I was struck over and over again by the graciousness of God being poured out on me!

I am a Henry and as such, pretty much expect thing to go wrong in any undertaking, but especially when traveling. Most of you have heard tales of Henry camping trips. 🙂 I was traveling with another person the first two days, but after that was on my own. I spent much time in prayer asking for God’s grace as I negotiated my way through unfamiliar airports and car rental agencies and then finding my way to hotels and client locations. I get lost sooo easily!! By the way, the picture above is one of my first ever rental car…have you ever seen a dumber looking car?? At least it was a normal one, the next car was a hybrid that didn’t have any keys; you had to go through a complicated button pushing routine to get the darn thing going.

I never got lost. The first night on my own the GPS brought me to a freeway that was closed down. Of course. But without any troubles I just went past the on-ramp and the GPS found me another freeway to take. I was never late – or even close to being late! Several times my flights landed early (!). Most of my flights I had a seat to myself or a quiet person sitting next to me. Twice, a flight attendant came up to me and asked if I cared to move to a different row that I could have to myself!

One night I had a layover and didn’t have a chance to eat before my first flight. It would be midnight before I got my rental car and another hour or so after that before I got to my hotel. I had prepared myself to just deal with being hungry but that airline (Jet Blue, if anyone is wondering) gives free snacks. And since I had a layover I got everything double!! Ended up not being hungry at all!

My suitcase was always one of the first few to come out at the baggage check.

There were so many opportunities for things to go wrong and nothing ever did. I have never experienced a smoother trip. God showed me so much grace and mercy in countless little ways that I was in a state of absolute thankfulness and wonder each day. I wanted to share this testimony with all of you and also give a brief reminder to be on the lookout for gifts of God in every day life. He truly is so good to us!


  1. Jasmine Aldrich says:

    I am so glad that your trip went so well. It is very encouraging to hear of God's goodness in the details of life.

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