4th of July Weekend

Happy Thursday Ladies! I have to admit, I’ve been going through a period of writers block the last few weeks (as you could probably tell by my highly original posting of song lyrics last Thursday – and not even with my own comments!) This week is even worse than last week because my favorite holiday is coming up AND I’m going camping this weekend!! So my mind is filled with packing lists (must not forget the toothbrush) and to-dos (clean all the books out of my backseat so people can fit in my car) and not at all with interesting, helpful, or vaguely pertinent topics for a blog post.

I do want to point out my ‘Interesting Links’ section off to the right which I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping up on lately. There are some great posts from far smarter and wiser people than me that I would encourage you to look at. I would specifically recommend the “For a Time” link for everyone and “Advice for Brides” for all you married ladies out there.

I hope you are all planning to go out and watch the fireworks this weekend. Fireworks seriously make this holiday for me, I look forward to them all year and then as soon as the show is over I think “Man….I have to wait another year for this!” You should also make a point of going out to the Missio Dei picnic spot Saturday. 4th of July picnics are always a good time and this year Tom and Judy Love’s small group is hosting so the party is sure to be well done.

Have a good holiday weekend, Ladies. Keep in mind that every good, exciting, enjoyable thing is a gift from our heavenly Father, who loves his children very much.


  1. Jasmine Aldrich says:

    Love the picture of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt!

    Behave yourself on your camping trip young lady, don't think I won't be checking up on you…. Love ya!:)

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