Moore to the Point

I want to tell you all about this blog that I really enjoy. Its called Moore to the Point and is written by Russell Moore. I enjoy his ‘regular’ blog posts but my favorite part about his blog are his ethical questions.

People will send Dr. Moore questions, ethical questions about how they should respond to a situation that they find themselves in. The majority of the time they are not simple questions but ones that are of a sensitive nature, to which there is no easy answer. Often times, there is also not a cut-and-dry Scriptural answer either. These are not the kinds of questions that can be solved by quoting your favorite verse.

Dr. Moore posts the situation and plea for advice on his blog and then allows several days for his readers to weigh in on how they feel the situation should be handled. I very much enjoy reading their comments and opinions and often marvel at how many people come up with ideas that would never have occurred to me!

I enjoy this because it gives me an opportunity to wrap my own mind around some of these issues. What would I do if a friend came up to me in this situation and asked for counsel?? It also gives me a chance to hear the counsel of others. Although I often ultimately disagree, it forces me to develop my own arguments and to ensure that I have Scripture to back them up.

After the readers have had ample opportunity to voice their thoughts, Dr. Moore posts his reply to the person or persons seeking advice. A lot of times I agree with him. Some times I do not. And this is an opportunity to grow in humility. I am 23 years old and have lived a relatively sheltered life. I have been brought up in a Christian home with strong, Biblical teaching. I attend a solid church that preaches and teaches the Bible. But I do not know everything. And I would be a fool to think I do.

I’m not going to change my mind on something I believe in simply because someone disagrees with me. I am going to pose my argument for my position and listen to theirs with a fair and open mind. I am going to ask questions of opinions and, above all else, inquire after their Scriptural defense. Sometimes I will come to realize that my own opinions have been wrong and will be forced to change them. Other times I will conclude that I am going to have to disagree with the person. Regardless, it is always a good exercise and I enjoy it very much.

If this sounds like something you would also enjoy, then I recommend you check out his blog.

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