Thankful for a servant’s heart…

This week we will all think of many things we are thankful for.  Today I think of one specific woman who I feel has such a servant’s heart.  She puts on her apron of servanthood every Sunday when she walks into Missio Dei Fellowship.

Many of us walk through the front door, greet those we see, and head straight for that table of yummy smelling coffee that is calling our name.  We pour ourselves a hot cup of “love and comfort” and walk into the sanctuary.

Pam Papenfuss makes it all happen.  I see her constantly checking to be sure that the pots are full and ready for everyone when they walk in.  I just wanted to take a moment and show how thankful I am for her and her ministry.

On Sunday, when you walk over to that table for that steamy cup of coffee, thank her for all of her time and effort that she exerts week in and week out.  I pray that we would all start walking into church on Sundays with our servants apron on and look for ways that we can serve others.  Keep your eyes open for the opportunities!


  1. I was wondering from the abbreviated FB post who would be the person that was appreciated. I thought of so many that come to serve each Sunday, many of whom we never see serving the body or even know that they do work at church. We, at Missio, have been so blessed with many who take the call from our Lord to be using their gifts seriously. I, too, am so thankful for each of these people, without their faithful service we would be lacking in some critical area on Sunday and the rest of the week. Pam sticks out in my mind as one who has always taken this calling seriously in the almost 14 years that we have been here. And, I have heard stories about her from before we came serving the body in one capacity or another. I praise God for each of these faithful servants and their ministry to all of us at Missio. And, of course, for my dear sister Pam and her servant’s heart.

  2. Thanks, Kim for your kind comments. It is truly a joy to serve my brothers and sisters in Christ. As time goes by I realize more and more how much we are really family, and what wouldn’t you do for family?

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