Why India? (Part 1)

My cousin and her husband live about 30 minutes from our family cabin and my dad visits their church anytime he is up north. North Woods Bible Church is a biblically sound, neat little country church.  Pastor Scott has been there for many years and is dearly loved by the body. One Sunday while dad was visiting, another congregant (and former pastor) was asked to give a brief report of his recent trip to India. Pastor Jack stood and told of the work that was going on in Karnataka. In the few minutes he spoke, he told of Pastor JD Enosh, whose heart is to go to the unreached villages with the gospel, start house churches in these villages, and train the lay pastors for these house churches. He also spoke of an orphanage they run which did not even have a fresh water source.

This began a relationship between my dad and Pastor Jack for the purpose of furthering the work of the gospel in India. After about two years, an invitation was extended to my dad to come and see the work and to see other needs and opportunities first hand. He initially declined to go… as he is 76 years old,
and has a few medical issues that he thought might prevent him from going. When I realized that he did want to go, I asked my husband Tim to pray about my accompanying him. It was not an easy decision for Tim, and I respected his cautious and prayerful approach.

The purpose of this trip was twofold. First, Pastor Jack had organized a Pastor’s Conference for all of the village pastors. It was an intensive, one week conference with three speakers: Pastor Scott, Mark (a missionary on furlough from China) and John (Pastor Jack’s son). These three gifted men taught, encouraged, and exhorted the approximately 35 pastors from the surrounding villages. Secondly, Pastor Jack, his wife Deborah, my dad and I would be getting updates on the work that he had been supporting.

That’s the official story. However, what I began to see is that God had purpose in sending me to India that went far beyond accompanying my dad on his trip.

By Sherri Stocker

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