2nd Annual MDF Cookie Exchange

What a GREAT night of food, felowship and fun!!!  Thank you Kendal Barriere for putting together such a wonderful eveining!!

Thank you Elisabeth Love for being our wonderful caterer.  The food was phenomenal!

The evening started with all of the ladies arriving and setting up their cookies on the tables.  Everyone filled out a card to let the judges know their name and what kind of cookie they crafted.  We were told.. “Add anything to the card that will be important for the judges to see.”  It was fun to look around at everyones presentation and what their packaging looked like. 

Then we all spent some time sitting around tables ,just having a really great time of talking and eating together.  During this time, Kendal pulled the judges aside to go decide who would win each catecory: Most original cookie, most creative packaging idea, and the most festively dressed person.

And the results were:

The most original cookie recipe was the Rootbeer Float Cookie provided by Angie Arthur



The most creative packaging was the edible sleigh provided by Gina Reeves

The most festively dressed person was…. Holli O’keefe, with her Holly Berry handmade outfit.  So cute!!

Each of the winners received a wonderful gift basket put together by Kendal.  They included an apron made by Kendal, cute whisk & spatula, pot holder, measuring cups & spoons, candle, cookie spatula, cookie mix, & Starbucks gift card!  I know I love mine and have already put my apron to good use! 🙂

After the winners were announced, it was time to play musical chairs and move around to switch up who we were sitting with.  We were given little slips of paper with ice breaker questions on them.  This was a fun time of getting to know things about other women that we might not ever have known had they not been asked.  What a fun idea!  The evening ended with another time of just talking with one another.  What a spectacular evening!!  Thank you to all who participated and made the evening so special!


  1. Who was I kidding, I had no chance at winning any of the prizes… hahaha!

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