Sandy’s Decorating Corner…..Christmas Edition

Decorating On A Budget

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add a little Christmas to any room in your house. Here are a few examples for you:

You’re going to need wrapping paper to wrap gifts anyway, so why not use some of the paper and wrap a few pictures to look like presents. You could also take some books that you aren’t going to be reading over the holidays and wrap them as well.

How about buying some inexpensive sparkly ornaments and put them in a glass bowl or vase. For extra sparkle you could add  battery operated lights and some crystals or beads.

You could buy some garland, a string of lights and some ribbon to put over a doorway or window.

Let your mind go, think outside the box and have fun!!


  1. Linda Cate says:

    I am so not creative, but I am trying to go around the house and “repurpose” every day things. For example, we have some barware or glass vases we don’t use much, so I could fill them with glass beads, extra garland and ornaments we don’t use because we now have a small tabletop Xmas tree, or even candy and/or nut treats. Just a little change goes a long way in refreshing your “view” and making things very festive.

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