Why come to Coffee talk? What is the point? Who is this for?

Coffee Talk is designed to help equip women to live out the gospel and then come alongside other women and teach and encourage them to live out the gospel, in their homes, communities, schools, work, and church.

We will be covering The Disciplines of the Soul, The Discipline of Character, the Discipline of Relationships and the Discipline of Ministry.  You may be thinking “This is nothing new. This is the basics.  I know this already.”  Maybe that is the truth.  Perhaps the grace of our God has worked itself deep into your soul and has affected your devotional life, your prayer life and your relationships are gospel-centered and well-maintained; that your character is unstained by the world, and you have a reputation for ministering selflessly and humbly to the needs of the Saints. Great! Come, because we desperately need you! Come and fellowship and minister to those who are coming behind you in the faith. Come be ministered to and enjoy the benefit of being with other women who love Jesus.

Come if you “know” these things, but also realize that head knowledge needs to be turned into life-changing knowledge.  Come if you desire a knowledge that leads to Godward thinking and disciplined, grace-filled living.  But then understand that the class in and of itself will not give you that. Come and apply the word and get involved with other godly women so you may be helped in your walk.

Come if you know nothing. Come if this is all new to you and you are eager to hear what the gospel is and what effect it can have on our lives. Come and get to know other women who are seeking to understand just like you.

We didn’t design Coffee Talk to merely be a place where you can come and hear a few facts.  We know you can read the book on your own, and even go through it with someone one on one.  We realize that may be what needs to happen depending on your situation. We desire this to be a time where you can come together and get to know women you may not normally get the opportunity to see and serve throughout the week. We desire to promote fervent love and unity among the women.  And although we will not be holding classes often, we do want to facilitate times where we are able to come together and perhaps form a new friendship and renew a desire to pray for and serve each other. We would also love to see new one on one discipleship relationships, and discipleship groups form.  We can certainly see this happening as you apply what you are learning and converse with one another.

Please consider joining us in March.

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  1. Denni Kraus says:

    What time is this event held?

  2. Denni, it starts @9am. At church in the Fellowship Hall. If you click on the “Event”‘s tab you can see the complete schedule.

    Hope you can make it! =)

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