Beth’s Shower

Last year when  Beth got engaged and she knew this Spring she would be tying the knot,  I went on a hunt looking for reasons and ideas to give her a bridal shower. And oh, to my delight and pleasant surprise, I stumbled upon this blog, which states that “every etiquette expert agrees that close relatives do not give showers for their children.”  Rather, it makes the case for close friends (in this case, me!) to be the ones offering to throw the shower.  Wow, etiquette…for showers? I had no idea.  Sure, I’ll take some of that.  Before that, I could care one whit about matters of protocol but by the end of that blogs’ last line, I was sure I had found my reason to be involved in Beth’s shower.  Honestly, all I wanted was to be of some help, this just affirmed my not so well thought out reasons.

Anyway, I know for our church, this kicks off the wedding season for us. And you may or may not know about the proper protocol for showers and this might be of some help to you now or in the future.  So if you’re a close friend to a bride (or mom-to-be) and you want to ease the burden on their family, by all means offer to help!  After all, experts say, it is the proper thing to do.

Here are some pictures of Beth’s shower from this past Saturday. Yes, I got to help her mom, she made the food and I gathered the forces to decorate and create a “Garden Tea Party” in her honor.  This was the most fun I’ve had in months!  But more importantly both mom and bride-to-be seemed pleased with the outcome. 🙂


By Esme Randle

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