Why Are We Excited?

Chatting away here.  That’s right, as always.  90 degrees but who cares, we’re drinking HOT coffee.  We were thinking of Liz’s announcement last Sunday.  NO, not about burning our bras though we’d like to right now.  Rather we were just thinking out loud about why we are taking such pains in putting together a retreat like this for women that would come.  Seriously, we ask ourselves “why?” all the time.  But this time we’ve been saying “we are really excited about this retreat” and I think we have some explaining to do [add to that my Mexican accent…kkkk]

Why are we putting in the hours meeting, discussing, hammering out details, revising and researching, and honestly if truth be told, taking away time from our homes and families?  (Of course this is with our husbands’ full approval, encouragement and sacrifice.)

Okay, so before we lose our train of thought (again) here, let’s bullet point why:

  • Reason numero uno, we believe the Word saturated messages we are bringing to you are not understood enough to be fully embraced.
  • Second, we believe these messages can lead to radical change in the way we view ourselves, our roles, and purpose.
  • Third, we love God’s church – this church! And believe reflecting God’s beautiful design for women can bring into existence   gospel-living and affect our singleness, our marriages, mothering, friendships, and our legacy of faith we leave in the church and our community.
  • Fourth, and not the least among the reasons, we are confident in the message because it isn’t ours it is His! Therefore, we expect God’s beautiful design to take root in our hearts and point to His glory!

So there.  That is why we’re excited, period. [It only took us 30min to write and that ain’t bad with nine kids and one cup of coffee.]


Two Hot Mochas, and we’re not talking about the coffee…bahhaaaa!




  1. Nichole says:

    You two are crazy!!! But I love you

  2. Shelly Smith says:

    okay “little mochas” your personalities and excitement come across very clearly in this post! Praying all the women at MDF catch the excitement and invest in this retreat I know I am looking forward to it:)

  3. amanda prybylski says:

    I am glad you left the bahhaaaa and hot mochas! and I totally agree with Shelly!

  4. Jasmine Aldrich says:

    Mandi, I am so glad that you plan on coming to the retreat. It was really nice talking to you and Matt the other day. Rick and I are really looking forward to getting to know you better.

    Nicole, we love you, too! haha! I know you were shaking your head the whole time you read this….

    Mom, you know our personalities a little too well and yet, you love us….. 🙂

    Liz, Esme, and I are praying for God to work in us and the women who come to this retreat.

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