An Investment in Your Legacy

It’s hot out here, but there is a gentle breeze that is enough to get our juices going. Today’s topic of conversation as we sip away our mocha’s is the importance of investing in women. We are in so many ways the product of such investments.

But it is important to note that our investment in women didn’t start with women–it started with our husbands. That’s right. It started with husbands that have seen our needs and have sought to make room for us to learn, use our gifts, and be taught via books, teachers, and other women.

We’ve tasted its sweet fruit, if you will, and we’ve received much grace in the process. We like how one of our favorite authors, Susan Hunt, puts it when she says, “when you rescue a woman you rescue a family.”

You may think, “What?! I don’t need rescuing!” Let us explain. What we mean by this is that when women are pursuing being taught and trained to be what God calls them to be, they are being transformed from the inside out. Thus, “rescued” from what seems right in their own eyes as they desire to glorify God in their thinking, desires, motives, actions and basically just living out their lives. Don’t forget this is the very thing that Eve thought…

So how do you know women are being “rescued”?

  • You see them building their homes ( Prov. 14). She builds her home on the Rock of her salvation so when stormy weather comes, her home doesn’t fall apart.
  • You see them having a healthy fear of the Lord, which we know leads to a knowledge of the Lord. (Prov. 1:7) A healthy amount of fear of the Lord keeps you from evil doing.
  • She then pursues wisdom – God’s teachings. She never says she is done learning. She disciplines her mind and does hard things to pursue godliness.
  • In her heart she believes humility is key, and in action she meekly puts herself under the teaching and exhortation of godly men and women.
  • Shen she is humble, she sees her brokenness — her need! That is actually a maturing woman — one that continually sees her need of God’s grace and God’s means to mold her.

Our elders know full well that women are worth investing in. They knew this before we even realized that investing in women would strengthen our homes and then our church. Women play a vital part in the life of the church–we can be the hands and feet, so to speak. Indeed, we are called to be helpers to our husbands and the church. But believing that women are a vital part of the church is really not enough. You know that little verse that says, “Faith without works is dead”. Well, our elders have put “their money where their mouth is” so to speak, by means of this retreat! By supporting the women’s ministry, they are encouraging us to pursue the knowledge of God which is a means of “rescuing women” as they point them tangibly toward Gospel-centered living.

  • Can we ask, what is the aroma of your home? Let’s take our marriages. Would your husband say you’re a joy to come home to? Is there peace in your relationship?
  • Is there order in your home? Are your children being trained and nurtured?
  • Are you a daughter who knows your place in your home, showing honor and respect to your parents and authorities over you?
  • How about your girlfriend relationships? What story do they tell? Are you a giver or a taker? Are you forbearing or critical? Are you a high-maintenance or low-maintenance friend to have? Do you seek to serve or be served?
  • How about the workplace? Do they even know you love Jesus? Does your character reflect that you worship the Almighty God?

These relationships either reflect the Gospel positively or negatively; they’re a mirror of how we function in the church. They help us determine how much we’re in need of being “rescued”.

So you see, the implication of a passive pursuit of godliness doesn’t just affect you, but also the church – the Body of Christ.

When you take the time, resources, and means God has provided for you to pursue instruction, you are acting in faith – faith that acts in ways that will have its fruit not just in you, but in generations to come. Why you might ask, in generations to come? Well, when we invest in a woman that would ultimately find her fulfillment in the Gospel and not in what she is or isn’t, it will inevitably affect ALL of her, married or single. The Gospel has a trickle-down effect that we either help promote or rob of its glory.

  • This retreat will not solve your troubled marriage, fix your children, or make you happier .
  • However, this retreat is a means to cultivate a God-centered view of womanhood.
  • And to put it simply, this retreat is also an investment in your legacy.

Liz, Jaz, & Esme


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