Book Club: “Spiritual Mothering” (Part 8)

A Life-Purpose

Our first pivotal point was our reference point, God; and he should be the model for all our life. So let’s take a look at our second pivotal point, our life purpose, and that is to glorify God. The life purpose is the driving force of our spiritual mothering definition. Let’s take a look at the definition once more.

“When a woman possessing faith and spiritual maturity enters into a relationship with a younger woman in order to encourage and equip her to live for God’s glory.”

So what does it mean to live for God’s glory? If we take a look at Jesus’ words to His father in John 17: 4 it is a clear example how we may glorify God.

I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do.

So, completing the work he assigns us with a joyful obedience to His will brings Him glory.

If we take a look at the life of Mary, she is a great example to follow. God had used her in ways we would not find pleasing to us at all. Yet, she submitted herself to do the things she was asked to do by God. Imagine some of these extremes for this young lady laid out by Susan Hunt.

– Consider the astonishment of seeing an angel.

– How about the exhilaration upon hearing that she had been chosen to carry the Son of God in her womb?

– How about the confusion of bearing a child when she was a virgin, which should be physically impossible?

– How about the anxiety in her when she goes and tells her fiancé’ of all this news.

– How about the fear of the consequences of rejection and shame that will come to her.

Instead of rising up many emotions, she embraces these things joyfully and with full obedience and says in Luke 1: 38, “Behold, I am the servant of the Lord; let it be to me according to your word. “

Many of us would probably have freaked out of the reality of this situation but how is it that Mary stayed calm and saw herself as a servant of the Lord. There are two very important things that led her to this faith-response. The first, she was an object of God’s grace. The second, was the Holy Spirit overshadowing her.

Many women today in this world are shaped by their own desires and personal happiness that they think they deserve which leads to disappoint and defeat. We as Christian women share in this same grace and overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. Once God’s glory is our purpose, it gives us a center point to relate all of our life’s situations to. Susan Hunt says it like this,” God’s grace enables us to know our mission in life and empowers us to fulfill our mission. When by His grace we behold His glory, then we know that the only reasonable purpose for our existence is to reflect that glory. When we experience God’s grace and make the decision to glorify him, then our soul will rejoice in God, regardless of our circumstances.”

By Gina Reeves

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