End of Summer

You might be wondering why there hasn’t been very much activity on this blog…(actually, is there anyone out there…? Lol!).  We wanted to be intentional with our summer.  Without a full-time schedule with school and all, we thought we could use that time to nurture our relationships with our husbands, our children and while we were at it, strengthen some other relationships; oh, and this little thing called planning a retreat.  (I’m tired just listing all this.)
Anyhow, end of the summer is here and we are back and more caffeinated than ever!  That means that schedules and agendas are full speed ahead (this is a heads up for Liz).  Most of what develops in this blog and in this ministry truly is an overflow of what happens in private and especially in my conversations with Jasmine.  Lately we’ve been busy getting ready for “back to school” and though the essence of why we homeschool is the same, we arrived at the decision quite differently.  And much like our personalities are very different we function in that realm differently, too.
So we thought to give you a taste.  Stay tuned…


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