Home-School Room on a Budget

I love a good home project and can I say this is by far one of my favorites!

  • I spend much of my time in it
  • It keeps clutter away
  • It contains everything I need
  • And best of all, we all get to learn in it

There was no budget really to speak of when we decided to move this puppy downstairs.  But we knew we had to do something about the paneling walls and concrete floor, if we were going to spend most of our days down there.

For the walls, we went all green here.  We saved green by reusing leftover paint.  Cost: Nada. Yay!

For the floors, we got a 13×19 remnant piece of padded carpet to cover the whole school/TV area.  Cost: $152.00.  Sweet!

Now, this is the part I am really proud of, call me Sandy Lamb (our church’s handy woman).  I got carpet tiles for the common areas and lay it down all by myself…that’s right, put that on my resume (lol!).  Cost: $60.00

And this is the finished product with kids and all.

Got those bookshelves for dirt cheap ($12.00 ea) and they’re perfect to hold all of our materials.

Okay, this is my attempt at putting “art” on the walls.  Double sided tape and tada! Zero dolla. 🙂

Pencils and maps – gotta have them…everywhere! $4.50

Not a believer till he saw it, but it’s okay I forgave Jon for not buying my idea of using a piece of a gutter to be a chalk/art holder.  I had seen it used as bookshelves so I thought why not find one that would hold our chalk and the occasional art that needs to dry out.  It has soft edges and it works great! Cost: $5.50

Last but not least, the toy area.   Hey, I got 5 & 4 year olds.  Best part about this area, it keeps Sammo near by…if ya know what I mean. 😉  Oh, this is where the carpet tile went. You like?

For $258.00 I got me a school room that before that was just a room we never really used, wasted space you may say. You gotta love that!






  1. Kendal Barriere says:

    Esme, it’s fantastic!!!

  2. Thanks, Kendal! It was work, but fun putting it together. =)

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