Dancing a jig—La Bamba whatever Esme says, (she just mumbled some name I couldn’t catch) because we are SOLD OUT. That’s right! Our retreat is filled to the max! No more space available! We had a slow start—a close call. We had women praying and petitioning to our gracious Father to bring as many women who were ready to hear His message of true womanhood; and He answered far above what we could ask or think was possible.

Now for those of you coming, we are working hard to accommodate most of your needs and serve you as unto the Lord.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t have your own share of work while you are there.  We are asking that you prepare your heart to forbear (because we all know that when you put this many women together there will be plenty to put up with). We are no walk in the park…… if you know what I mean, Ladies. Esme says I snore, and she speaks Spanish in her sleep, so there you go. Good thing we are sooooo forbearing. 😉

It’s a date – at the One Stop Lodge, September 30th!

Jaz & Esme


  1. Shelly Smith says:

    Looking forward to serving, forbearing and learning:)

  2. I am very excited about our Women’s Conference and look forward to be blessed and nourished. Thank you for the opportunity. Char

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