The Decision…to Homeschool

Recently, Jaz and I were talking about how our personalities can either help or hinder us when home-schooling. Her makeup is so different than mine. She finds it natural to sit and pour out all that time and energy into her children. For me, dedicating hours, day after day to educate my children is an assault to every aspect of my personality. The first year was all work – pure work, no fulfillment.  Get the work done and try not to kill my son’s spirit to learn was the goal. However, I am discovering that as Josiah gets older I enjoy it more. Subjects get a bit harder but my son gets a bit older and that usually means more intelligent conversations between us. It means more conversations about history, which we both love, and more talks about Jesus, this world, and of course, nerdy topics he always manages to bring up. There is more independent work and that frees me to…well, this year, it will free me to teach two very enthusiastic 5 year old boys. Yikes!

Anyway, after our conversation I went home and asked Jon if he had considered my personality when deciding whether homeschool was for us or not.  I must admit, his answered truly surprised me. You see, all along I thought he had made the decision based on what he deemed best for our children, but come to find out my personality had much to do with it. Na, not because I’m bossy and I could get the work done, though that comes in handy sometimes.

It has taken me a decade to finally get that my husband gets me, knows me, and can assess me better than I ever could. He knew this whole process would be especially challenging for me only because it would require many hours of my day to devote to nothing else but to mold and influence our boys. It is the best job in the world, but scary for me nonetheless. Doing all the work was not exactly what I had in mind when I pictured their school years. Now I can’t imagine giving that job to anyone else. Jon saw that my willingness to do hard work, even when it is not my cup of tea, would help me overcome what would prove to be my biggest struggle – giving up my time. But he also understood that it would be a process and he committed to helping me teach one subject so I would get a breather, especially on long trying days where my patience was short, my email box was full, the pile of dishes had spilled over the counter, and you couldn’t find a clean pair of socks.

The decision was Jon’s, as you can see. But first, he considered whom he was married to, and then he thought of what was best for our boys. Looking back I am glad he didn’t explain himself fully to me then…I needed to trust God and I needed to submit to him. I don’t know that we will always homeschool, but I can tell you this with confidence, this year – we are! And I’m very excited to be teaching two very eager kindergartners and one very talkative 3rd grader!

Stay tuned…tomorrow I’ll show you my school room.



  1. Kendal Barriere says:

    I can’t wait to see your school room! 🙂

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