Thank you for your acts of service!

With our first ever SW retreat behind me, getting some much needed rest, and jumping back into my mommy clothes, I was able to sit down and take some time to note a few key people that helped us pull this event together.  It was truly a joint effort and act of service.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a lot of limitations. In this ministry, my limitations become all the more magnified whenever I set out to plan a large event.  I simply cannot do or think of everything there is to do.  So I surround myself with ladies whose creativity and strengths are different than mine. When I had the green light to go ahead and put the pieces of this puzzle together, I wasted no time in asking some very reliable women to help me.

Angie Arthur was the woman with the design.  I gave her my vision and my theme; she got to work and came up with our color scheme and logo design for this event.  It was no easy task because we were taking two ministry logos and combining them. But, Angie rose to the task and delivered a nice design.  The beauty of working with Angie is that she is willing to work until she gets it right.  She doesn’t take it personally when I say no, or when I ask for more changes.  She was also the woman behind all of those bathroom & s’more treats you all enjoyed in your rooms.  I love Angie’s resourcefulness, creativity, and easy going personality!

Jody Lokken was the woman with the computer savvyness needed to set up our online payment options.  She also ran our PowerPoint and videos the day of the conf. (just a small detail). Jody is super reliable and prompt in any task you give her.  I never had to worry about Jody; she rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.

Sandy Lamb was the woman behind the warmth and decor throughout the venue.  Sandy’s heart of service was evident till the end.  She had just undergone knee surgery, and with pain and crutches, she came to the venue early, and ran her crew of ladies to bring us a warm and welcoming experience in the dining room and throughout.

Judy Love was our room/registration coordinator.  She had the difficult task of organizing our sleeping arrangements.  She gave thought and consideration to the many requests she received, and did her very best to accommodate everyone’s needs and wants.  She and her crew of ladies also ran our registration table the day of the retreat and can I say – it went without a glitch.

Sherri Stocker has an eye for details, and it showed.  The notebooks she creatively decorated were truly an item of welcome when you first stepped into the conference room.  Her labor of love brought smiles to many faces.

Kristi Hamilton ran the music.  She, Denni Kraus, Leana Mueller, and Sherri Stocker devoted a great deal of time to deliver a sweet time of worship in song.  Kristi is young, but she is learning a great deal of leadership skills through these opportunities.  She has an ear for music and she strives to do it well.  Her grace and skills served us all well as she and her group filled our retreat with great music to express our emotions to our Lord and Savior.

Our prayer team included Holli O’Keefe, Sherri Stocker,  Sandy Lamb, Shelly Smith, Vicki Anderson, and Judy Love.  Their commitment to pray was truly an act of worship and humble reliance upon God for all our needs.  Amidst the busyness of the summer months these ladies committed their time and energy to meeting every week and bow down before the Lord in prayer.  We dared to pray boldly, simply, and with great expectation that the Lord would hear and act on our behalf.

David Hamilton worked tirelessly to set up and ran our sound.

Nicole Julius was on duty capturing some moments with her camera all throughout the retreat (on another day we’ll post some pictures).

Char Baumann gifted the ladies bookmarks as a small token of her appreciation for them.

And of course, Liz & Jaz were my partners in crime.  They graciously followed suit with their tasks as well down to the very end.  Their God-given strengths and love for the gospel was always a great source of encouragement not only for me but for those they so faithfully served.


At the risk of leaving out names, I really wanted to especially thank all those who put in an incredible amount of hours helping us pull this together.  For the rest, I trust you know God saw your humble service and know He will reward you in the Day to come.  But please know all of us are grateful for your service whether great or seemingly small. I’ve received many e-mails and words of appreciation for the work you all did —- obviously it showed!


Again, my most sincere thanks for serving in this retreat, and let’s not forget, for putting up with me…


For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. To Him be the glory forever! Amen. (Rom 11:36)


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