Sandy’s Decorating Corner: Fall Frenzy

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, let’s take a look at some ways that we can make the look of our homes match the sweet aroma’s coming from our kitchens. We can bring the beautiful colors of the season indoors. With some colorful fabric, flowers, leaves or branches, we can add a little spice to any room.

You can go for a walk and look for some leaves or branches that you can use. Those of you with little ones can turn this into a field trip. Arrange the branches in a vase or use them to make a wreath or swag. You can press the leaves in between the glass of a nice picture frame and have an instant piece of fall artwork.

Find some fabric and make a slip cover for your throw pillows or even make a throw that you can lay over the arm of a chair.

If you have candles, change them out for ones with fall colors. With some candles, silk flowers and leaves, you can make a stunning centerpiece for you table.

Do you have book shelves? Add a colorful candle or decorative piece among the books to add a little warmth. Right now the prices of fall decorations are marked down so you don’t have to spend a whole lot.

Don’t neglect the other rooms in your home. You can switch out your hand towels and soaps in your bathrooms or your pot holders and kitchen towels in your kitchen.

Remember, ladies, with a little time and effort, you can make your home look spectacular for the season. Let’s open our homes and make them inviting and warm for our family and friends.

By Sandy Lamb

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