Crazy Crafty: A Crafter’s Work is Never Done

As I was looking at the calendar recently, I noticed that it was February 25th and I said to myself “it has already been two months since Christmas! Time sure is flying by!” But, then I realized with a shock, that means its only ten months until Christmas!!!

As I looked around my craft area, I saw all of the things that were never finished in time for last year’s Christmas season. My painting classes had taken priority over the things I had wanted to make for our house. In addition, to make matters worse, they are so full that I normally do not get all of the pieces that I use as class examples completely finished because I am helping students instead. So, you can imagine how much is just sitting there looking at me and saying, “finish me…”

This is a yearly occurrence for me. And I know that as soon as the sun starts shining and the days get warmer it gets. Therefore, this year my goal is to finish all of the painting items before spring arrives. Since we never had an official cold Wisconsin winter this year (so far) I figure I better hurry up.harder for me to get into the “mood” to paint winter things. Some years I need to play Christmas songs in July just to fool myself in order to get in the proper state of mind to paint snowmen and other Christmas designs; All the while trying to block out the sweating from the oppressive humidity and heat of the summer.  😉

As any crafter will agree, we get bored easily and so we have multiple crafts going at the same time. Next week, I plan to blog about my unfinished Christmas themed cross stitch projects and a project that I had forgotten about for several years that I would love to have finished in time for this year’s upcoming Christmas decorating season.

What do you have as far as ongoing projects? I want to hear!


  1. Denni Kraus says:

    I can so relate to this! We have been blessed with anticipating our granddaughter’s arrival at the end of June. When our daughter and son-in-law first shared with us that they were expecting, I immediately rushed to Jo Anne Fabrics and purchased a cross stitch Noah’s Ark blanket. Wanting to continue this tradition, it’s similar to one I made for our grandson Kale when he was born. Kale’s was completed about 6 months after he was born and I fear the same may happen. Another tradition which I have carried over from my husband’s mother is to make felt & sequin stockings for each of our sons-in-law and grandchildren. (Thankfully my mother-in-law had already taken care of this for our daughters, thus the beginning of the Kraus stocking tradition.) That said, I may have a stocking to work on for our new little girl for this Christmas too! But I do enjoy working on these projects, and especially as I am stitching on the blanket while thanking the Lord for His blessings us with this new little one in our family and to pray for her!

  2. I have always loved your skills in this area. And apparently I am a ‘crafter’ as well because I fight that same tendency to have multiple projects going as well. Good post!

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