The Fruit of Her Hands Book Study – Chapter Two

Walking With God

In chapter one, we were challenged to examine ourselves spiritually and to compare our view of marriage with God’s view of marriage. In chapter two, Nancy points us directly to the Word Of God as our source of truth and our means of becoming a woman of the Word. While she emphasizes being a woman of the Word so that we might fulfill our ministry to our husbands and children, Nancy also reminds us of our greater calling. Nancy says it like this, “Our first calling is to be good Christians, and if we are good Christians we will be good wives and mothers.” Then she goes on to challenge us to not be fearful of studying topics other than those which directly deal with being a wife and mother. One of her main points in this chapter is that you and I must be women of the Word and be serious students of Christ. That means we have to know the Bible and do what it says. What kind of Bible student are you?

Nancy makes a very strong case for consistent daily Bible reading which I agree is very important, but in my own experience, I found that method (pg. 24) very frustrating. Early in my Christian life, I struggled with my daily Bible reading. I believe that my struggle centered around two areas of personal weakness. First, I had very poor reading and comprehension skills, and second, I lacked basic Bible knowledge. So the reading and re-reading method was not where I began. Instead, I found that beginning with the Bible Study Method¹, explained by MacArthur in Fundamentals of the Faith, was a better approach for me. Yet I can see how God used my weaknesses to create a hunger and thirst for Him and His Word. Our author reminds us that we all need help and encouragement to get us into the Bible and to help us become real students in Christ’s school. What are your weaknesses? What is keeping you from becoming a serious student of Christ? Are you taking your struggles to the Lord in prayer?

Daily Bible reading is one of several spiritual disciplines that takes time and discipline to develop. John MacArthur makes this statement in lesson two of Fundamentals of The Faith, “If a person reads, studies, memorizes and then meditates on the Bible, his grasps of its truths becomes firm. They are part of his life.” John also gives this example. He says, “as the thumb is needed in combination with any finger to complete your hold, so meditation combined with hearing, reading, studying and memorizing is essential for a full grasp of God’s Word.” Ladies we need to practice all of these disciplines if we want to be a woman of the Word. We will all have our strengths and our weaknesses but faithfulness is the key here.

The second point Nancy makes in this chapter regarding being a woman of the Word is that we might know the Word well enough that we are able to protect ourselves from being deceived by the evil one. As women we can deceive ourselves into thinking that we have it all together, but as we read the scripture we see that even Satan knows us well enough to know that we can be an easy target. Our challenge, ladies, is to put ourselves in the place where we are being taught and trained in the Word of God. For most of us, that means we simply submit to the godly authority the Lord has put over us, beginning with our own husbands and, of course, our Pastors and Elders. What does your submission look like? Does it measure up to what God calls a Woman of the Word to be?

¹ Fundamentals of the Faith by John MacArthur; chapter 2
Five Bible Study Methods:
Hear the Bible (Romans 10:17)
Read the Bible (Revelation 1:3)
Study the Bible (Acts 17:11)
Memorize the Bible (Psalm 119:9-11)
Meditate on the Bible (Psalm 1:2-3)


  1. Liz Roeder says:

    Thank you Vickie for this lesson that should spur us on to be a more diligent student of the bible. Pastor Matt’s message from yesterday’s sermon echoed what this chapter and John MacArthur had to say as well. I have been convicted of being diligent to memorize Scripture and it’s something I will be working on.

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