The Fruit of Her Hands: Respect and the Christian Woman – Book Study

If you are new to our church or stumble upon this blog you might wonder who in the world we are and what we are about. Well, let me tell you. This website is nothing more than an extension of our local church’s women’s ministry. We have very humble goals for this blog; Mainly to catch glimpses of God’s grace in our lives, as well as to encourage one another to cultivate lives that point us to Christ.

At our church, one thing we do well and are comfortable with is reading books. Discipleship relationships often take the form of book studies, which we embrace, celebrate, and encourage. Reading good books is part of how we discipline ourselves to learn the principles of the faith, so we comfortably hop on the wagon of such studies. Hence, why this blog would naturally keep the tradition and style of learning we regularly practice in person.

So get ready, our first book study of the year, here on the blog, is The Fruit of Her Hands, by Nancy Wilson. This is a short and easy-to-read book, and we invite you to get your own copy and follow along for the next eight weeks!!

The author, Nancy Wilson, is a pastor’s wife and homemaker. You can get a feel for what she writes about and her style of writing here. Personally, I really appreciate her whit and down to earth approach. She speaks straight forward, and yet softly. She speaks to the ordinary younger and older women toiling daily with the mundane. She fills her articles with practical application and a good dose of what I call “Idaho style lingo” (where she lives), which can be taken either as humorous, or good ol’ levelheaded talk.

In the Foreword her husband, Douglas, says this about her, “The woman who wrote it [this book] has lived with a meathead for twenty-one years and has a great deal of practical wisdom. “ I would agree that her articles are defined by practical wisdom, which we can all use to fill our cups with on a regular basis.

This book was published in 1997 so it is a few years old, but full of applicable and relevant topics of interest to women today. The line-up of chapters look like this:

  1. A Woman’s Orientation to Marriage
  2. Walking With God
  3. Respect
  4. Principles and Methods
  5. Contentment
  6. Duties of Homemaking
  7. Lovemaking
  8. Leftovers

Vicki and I will take turns tackling one chapter per week for the next 8 weeks. I’ll kick us off next week. So come back, bring your drink of preference, and get ready to share your thoughts with us!


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