Clipping 4 His Kingdom

Hello Ladies!  This segment is aimed to give you many ways to save on your grocery budget.  We want to provide ways to save for those who want nothing to do with coupons, all the way to those who would like to cut their budget in half or even more!  Our purpose is to use the income that God has given us in the most effective way possible.  We would like to teach you how to spend less so you can give more.  The giving is two-fold.  You will have extra money in your budget which can then be put to good use in God’s Kingdom.  You will also be able to be more missional by inviting others over for dinner and even make donations to different causes in the area.

We would like to give you a short bio from each of us, so you can see where we began and where we are at now.


melanieMy name is Melanie and I have been married to my best friend, Jason, going on twelve years now.  I’m a stay at home mom to our four kids, which prompted the stretching of a $1 as far as it would go.  We moved to Wisconsin four years ago and many things changed for us financially.  I realized very quickly that my $500 grocery budget was not enough and I knew I had to figure out a way to save more.  Its taken four years of success and failure but I have been able to cut our budget in half and then some.  I love being able to share with others these skills that God has allowed me to learn and put into practice. I’m looking forward to serving you on this blog.


My name is Angie and I met my hubby in high school.  We have been married for almost five years now.  I am a stay at home mom to our three little girls.  When our family went from having two full time incomes down to one, there was some major budget changes needed.  I had just met Melanie when the time came where our grocery budget needed to change and she taught me the ways of couponing.  It cut our budget by about 65%.  I love being able to help others in need and I am planning to start making regular donations to places in Kenosha who are in need.  I am looking forward to sharing tips with you so that you can spend less in our current economy.

That’s just a little about us.  We hope that you will tune in next week when we will start with Couponing 101.


  1. So very much looking forward to this! Thank you for putting the time to share your knowledge w/us. =)

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