Crazy Crafty with Karen

Have you ever looked for the “perfect” hair accessory to match a particular outfit, or for a special occasion?

In my experience, I go from store to store and never quite find what I’m looking for.  So, I usually just give up and do without.  When I had short hair, this was OK but, now that I have let my hair grow, it has become a necessity.

seiders hair clip 6So, I decided to make something that would work for me.  There are many barrettes and combs without decorations available at craft stores and other stores and they can be used along with ribbons and trims to make your own style of hair accessories.  You can also make hair accessories to match a particular outfit or for a special occasion.

I made some decorative combs to hold my hair back recently using some inexpensive cross stitching floss, inexpensive plastic combs and a few inches of pearl and “diamond” trim that I got at a local fabric store.

seiders hair clipHere is how I did it:

First, find some trim that you like and cut a piece the same length as the top of the comb.

Second, choose a color of cross stitch floss (I like to use DMC Brand) and use it to attach the trim to the comb.

1) I held the trim in place along the top edge of the comb and wrapped seiders hair clip 2the floss (use all strands of the floss together)  around both the trim and the comb going between each prong of the comb. (after you wrap a small area, the trim will stay in place by itself).

2) I left a short “tail” of floss in the beginning so that I could attach the floss to the comb as I wrapped  it around the trim.

3) When I got to the end, I turned the comb and wrapped the floss
between the prongs again going in the opposite direction.

seiders hair clip 4

4) This time, I glued the end of the floss to the backside of the comb using Super Glue.

This turned out to be a quick, inexpensive way to make some hair accessories that were “just right” for me.  Try it yourself and don’t be afraid to get creative!

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