Clipping 4 His Kingdom: Piggly Wiggly & Pick’N Save

Piggly Wiggly

Piggly Wiggly now offers double coupons on FRI. SAT. SUN. This means that they will double the face value of any manufacturer coupon up to a $1 with a $25 order. The limit of coupons doubled is 10 per transaction and you are only allowed 1 transaction per store, per family, per day. You must present the doubling coupon (in the ad) with your other coupons when you check out.

Many times Pig will print in store or retailer coupons in their weekly add. This is an easy way to save money even without manufacturer coupons. If you want to save even more then you can stack matching manufacturer coupons with the in store coupons. I will be giving you some examples of this at the bottom of the page.

Pig will not take Buy One Get One Free internet coupons or any internet coupon with a face value higher than $2. They will however allow you to us a manufacturer coupon on a buy one get one free in store sale. Also, they will even double coupons that state “DO NOT DOUBLE.”

They will also double the coupons that sometimes print out with your receipt and say redeemable at pig as long as it says manufacturer coupon and the bar code begins with a 5 (manufacturers coupons always begin with a 5 in the bar code). They have been known to tell me these are in store coupons but they really are not so you can simply point out the obvious! However, Pig will not accept the same coupons like these that you get from Pick’N Save or any other retailer.

coupon 6-5 2


Example:  See Image.  There is a store coupon making the large jar of Miracle whip $1.99.  There is also a manufacturer coupon for $0.35/1 jar of Miracle Whip.  Once that coupon is doubled, you are then getting the large jar of Miracle Whip for $1.29, which is a GREAT price for the size.

Pick’N Save

Pick’N Save has double coupon days on WEDNESDAY & SATURDAY. They will double 5 manufacturers coupons up to a $1 with a $25 order. Meaning, you have to spend $25 before your coupons can be doubled. They will not double any coupons stating “DO NOT DOUBLE” and they do not accept buy one get one free internet coupons or internet coupons over $2. They will accept and double any store coupons that state ”redeemable at…..” as long as they state manufacturer coupons or begin with a 5 in the bar code. They will allow a coupon on a free item but often times it depends on what cashier you get so be prepared for whatever! Every now and again they will do “DOUBLE DOUBLE DAZE.” This is when they double 10 coupons and it is usually only for one day. Keep your eyes peeled for the ads or you can sign up for the store email.

Pick’N Save also does the coupon booklets and in ad coupons that are easy money savers and can also be stacked with your manufacturer coupons for more savings. They often run deals on General Mills & Kellogg’s products for $5 to $10 off a set amount of items and then you also receive free milk, eggs, or both. This is a great way to stock up on dry goods at a great price with no coupons necessary!

coupon 6-5Example: See image for in ad deal.
Buy 6 Kellogg’s Cereal, bars, or Fruit Snacks at regular price and get $10 off your order instantly.  Also, receive a coupon for a Free Gallon of Milk up to a $3.50 value.

Depending on what items you need will depend on how you do this deal.  I needed snacks, so we went for the Nutri-Grain Bars.

Buy 6 boxes of Nutri-grain bars $3.27 ea = $19.62
Get $10 off instantly at the checkout  = Total now $9.62
Use 3 $1 /2 Nutri-grain bar manufacturer coupons which will each double  (-$6.00) = Total now $3.62
You end up paying roughly $0.60/box for the Nutri-grain bars.  82% savings

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