Summer Crafts with Karen

Its summer vacation! Are the kids bored already? Would you like to have a half hour of that peace and quiet you enjoyed just a few weeks ago? Look no further! I have the perfect craft idea for kids of all ages!

Seiders Summer Craft Collage 1So, what is this “wonder craft”, you ask? Hobby Lobby carries a product called Design-a-Glass. They also sell Design-a-Mug, and Design-a-Pot (flower pot). The item is a clear, plastic drinking glass (or mug or flower pot) with three different coloring book-like designs for kids to color. Then, the page the child colored is placed between the clear, plastic outer piece and a liner. Walla! You’ve made your own original, decorated item. The liner and the clear plastic outer piece snap together so that it can be used with liquid or in the case of the flower pot, you can plant something inside.Seiders Summer Craft Collage 2

These are great for gifts or for the child to keep for themselves. They are very reasonably priced (the largest one is the large glass and it costs $2.47) and the flower pot and the mug are even less expensive.

We just finished these in my painting class and they turned out great! We cut a piece of Watercolor Paper the same size as the coloring book inserts that come with the item. Then, we painted a floral design on the paper and ended up with some cute, functional items.

I have also seen some of these made with a Cross Stitch design inside. I recommend using the flexible, and cloth-like plastic to use for the Cross Stitch option.

These can be used so many different ways…just be creative!!!!

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