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What Do You Mean I’m to Be My Husband’s Helper? Martha Krienke writes a clear and sound short article on what it can look like to be a husband’s helper.  “The good news is rather than chucking one for the other, once a woman marries, she has a great opportunity and responsibility to bring all of her experience, education, skills, personality traits and giftings to the table for the benefit of her husband and family — and by extension, many others.”

Created To Be His Help Meet (& Part 2) is a book review by Tim Challies.  Even when I was very young in the faith, I gathered that reading any books from the Pearl’s needed to be read with a great deal of discernment.  But regardless of how you may feel about the Pearl’s, I agree with Tim that there are better alternatives for women to read.

Here are some alternatives that will prove far more valuable:

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