Fall Crafts with Karen

IMG_20120502_212030I have had a very busy September painting fall designs in my painting class at Hobby Lobby.  We painted a fall leaves design on one side of a glass block and then we will paint the other side of the glass block with a cute pumpkin design.

I originally had the idea for the pumpkin design first.  I thought it would be fun to paint some Jack-O-Lanterns on the block so that when a light is put inside of the block, light would show through the eyes, nose and mouth of each Jack-o-lantern.  While working on that design, I realized that the back side of the block needed to be darkened so that the light inside would show through brightly.  So, I decided to paint the back side with the fall leaves thus allowing the students to paint 2 designs on a single surface! (I am a very frugal painter 🙂 )

IMG_20120913_111009These glass blocks are available at Hobby Lobby and can be decorated with paint as I did or with stickers or window clings, or anything else that would stick to the glass.  One hint, if you want to use paint on the blocks, spray the surfaces with Frosted Glass Spray Paint first.  That will help the paint adhere to to slick surface.  Then, after you have painted on your design, spray it again using Clear Spray paint.  That will help to reduce scratches and keep the paint from chipping off.  It will also cause the Frosted Glass effect to disappear making the glass clear again.  Both of these spray paints are available at Hobby Lobby also. They also carry small, battery operated strings of Christmas lights that can be placed inside of the block through a hole in the side as well as battery operated flickering tea lights that just fit inside of the hole.  That’s what I plan to put inside of mine- it looks just like a real candle!

So, if you are looking for a fun, original decoration for your home, these would work out great!  I’ve also painted Christmas designs on them in the past and they turned out great also!

Please contact me if you have any questions on making your own glass block decorations


  1. Debbie Lampe-Revolinski says:

    Hello Karen. You are quite talented, and I’m very impressed with your painting skills! (I too am a huge Hobby Lobby fan!)

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