Fall Fest: Décor on a Budget

As you have heard… I am in LOVE with fall.  When I got married five years ago, I actually had a fall themed wedding, complete with a different fall theme for each centerpiece on all of the reception tables.  We did not have a huge budget for décor for our wedding, so I put together as many DIY cheap projects as I could.

One example of a table centerpiece that we had is pictured below.  This was on the “Wheat” table.  Hobby lobby and the Target dollar zone were my best friends.  Here you see a dollar store vase adorned with some ribbon.  Then I put a foam disc inside in order to poke the pieces of wheat into.  I bought the charger on clearance and found some nice big pine cones to finish it off!  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


This year, I have been on Pinterest looking for a new piece of décor that I could create.  I was seeing many variations of a wreath form covered in yarn with cute decorations on them.  I thought this seemed easy enough and knew I could complete this project during nap time.  (Yes…. I have a 3 year old, a 2 year old, and a 1 year old.  Nap time was the best time to do this.  It gave me two hours to complete the task.)

First, I started by making a trip to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store to get my supplies.  You will need a wreath (I used a  14” straw wreath in this project, but I would highly suggest getting a foam one instead.  The straw wreath wasn’t smooth and was not very easy to wrap over all of the lumps and bumps.  It is however the cheaper option, so if you don’t mind a little extra work…go for it!), 3 felt squares in coordinating colors (I know I have 6 pictured here, but only ended up needing 3), one ball of thick yarn (I chose one that was a nice chocolate brown base but had flecks of different pretty fall colors in it), scissors, and a glue gun.  All of these items cost approximately $8.  Be sure to look for coupons for Jo-Ann’s.  They will often have a 50% off  one full price item coupon, which can really help out your cost.


To start making the wreath, you will wrap the end of the yarn around the wreath and tie a double knot in the back.  Trim the excess little tail or yarn that will be hanging off.  Then you will want to start wrapping the yarn around the wreath until it is completely covered.  If you have a tinge of perfectionism in you, you will only need to do one layer of yarn, but if you are not a fan of such a tedious task, you may want to pick up two balls of yarn and just plan on covering the wreath two times.  Your arm will be sore by the end, but the finished product will be well worth the pain!


The next step would be to decide what adornment/decoration you would like to put on your wreath.  I decided to make rosettes out of felt.  I ended up making one large and one small rosette out of each color.  For the larger flower I used a cd as my guide for the circle size and for the smaller ones, I just eyeballed the size.  You will want to start by cutting out all of your circles.  Then with your scissors, you will want to start cutting in a spiral motion until you reach the center of each of your circles. It will end up being one long strip when you are finished. Starting with the outside edge of the circle, start rolling the felt until you end up with a pretty flower shape and secure with hot glue.

angie rosette post collage
Arrange the flowers however you’d like on your wreath and hot glue them on.  I found some leftover bead decorations from my wedding and used those on the wreath too.  I also made one more little rosette and used that along with a piece of yarn as a loop to hang the wreath.


Be creative!  You can make your wreath any color, any size, and with any décor you would like.  I am planning to create another one and give it a Christmas theme!!

Happy Crafting to you!  Smile

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