Behold, the Lamb of God **Registration Now Open**

This holiday season we want to invite you to share an evening with us where we come together to anticipate the joy of Christmas and the miraculous birth of Jesus Christ; we invite you to ‘The Advent’.

Advent is traditionally a time where one prepares their heart and home for the celebration of the nativity story. In the chaos of Christmas time, we know this season can be bombarded with anything but the actual gospel, but this year we would love for you to join us in taking time to behold, the Lamb of God.

Join us on Friday, December 14th at Missio Dei Fellowship, beginning at 7pm. The evening will include appetizers, soup, desserts and beverages. The gospel will be read and sung.

Tickets are on sale now ($2) for you and your family and friends to purchase. The proceeds will be donated to (an organization created to minister to women and their families in poverty). You can purchase your tickets online at or in the lobby of Missio Dei Fellowship (5214 47th Ave, Kenosha, WI 53144)


Click HERE to register now.

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