What Does Christmas Look Like at Your House?

What do you do to prepare for Christmas? Do you run around frantically trying to get everything done? Are you exhausted by the time Christmas arrives? It seems to me that Christmas is more about us than it is about Jesus. We decorate our homes, inside and out, we shop until we’ve found the perfect gift for each person on our list, then we take great pains to artistically wrap each of them, we find the perfect card and spend lots of time getting them to each person on our list. Who knows how much money is spent or how much time. One catalog that we receive allows us almost $2,000 credit! I enjoy buying things for my family and friends but the thought of going into debt to do it has never appealed to me. Again, I ask, how does this all relate to our Lord? Aren’t we celebrating Him?

When our kids were young, I couldn’t bring myself to tell them that Santa had omniscient powers because it seemed to rob God of His glory. Nor could I tell them that Santa gave them gifts — they were given by God. It didn’t make sense to me to tell them something that wasn’t true if I expected them to believe me when I told them the truth about God.

I remember talking with a young man once, asking him why we celebrated Christmas. He said that he wasn’t sure but thought that it was Santa Claus’s birthday. What he said shocked me at first but then it did seem reasonable that someone would think this after all Santa Claus is spoken of much more than Jesus.

As I type this I’m listening to Christmas music from the 50s. I love the music but no mention of Jesus.

Christmas is supposed to be about the best gift that we’ve ever received — Jesus. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas, I am just appealing to you to think about what you are doing and why you’re doing it. If you are so busy getting everything done that you forget to thank God for His amazing gift perhaps you’ve missed the point. If Christmas Eve arrives and all your kids can think about is what they are getting for Christmas what is the point?

Perhaps it is time to change your traditions to include our Savior’s birth or to focus on Him. The gift of Jesus to sinners by a righteous God is truly amazing, unimaginable. It is a gift that will last for all eternity, bringing joy and peace for the rest of our lives here as well as incredible joy when we step into heaven. Shouldn’t we fill our minds with our awesome Father’s infinite gift of His beloved Son rather than the gifts that perish? Shouldn’t we spend our time leading up to Christmas thanking Him for this gift of gifts?

I wish you a merry Christmas filled not with thoughts of sugar plums but of a loving Father who made a way for sinners to become His beloved children by sending and sacrificing His own Son to take our sin upon Himself that we could be forgiven once and for all.

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