A Bible Reading Plan Fit for You

In the last post, we learned that bible reading is our way to grow closer to God and to know Him better. It is refreshing, sustaining, and marvelous to quote Kim’s words.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few other resources that offer convenient bible reading plans. There is a plan for every lady, in whatever walk of life she is in.  They have 365 day plans, all the way down to 15 day plans focusing on a particular subject or passage.  But, like Kim said, even if its only for a few minutes per day, it is important to fit our bible reading into our daily lives.

If you have not found a bible reading plan for this new year already, please take a look at the follow links and find one that fits you and your season of life.  If you already have a reading plan that you love, please share it with us in the comments.

YouVersion is one of my favorites. There is also a cell phone app that accompanies this website, which makes it convenient to read your bible or your reading plan on-the-go.  It has whole bible, partial bible, topical, family, youth, devotional, and many more plans to choose from. If you come across a devotional, double check the author is worth your time to read though. You can ask your husband, community group leader, elder, or pastor if they feel as though that author would benefit you. The website and the phone app also provide the audio for your bible reading as well.  What a great way to catch up on your reading on those long car rides!

Ligonier Ministries has linked up many excellent reading plans on their site.  They have one year, two year, three year, or flexible reading plans to choose from. They have other gems like the historical or chronological read-through-the-bible plans, and many others.  Ligonier Ministries also includes a cell phone app for on-the-go disciplines.

Bible Gateway is another website that has been around a while. You may even already know about it. They have an app as well.  This is not as neat and nicely organized as my favorite, YouVersion, but it does what it needs to do, get you to read your bible. It offers: Old/New Testament, Chronological, Beginning, Historical, Bible in 90 Days, New Testament in a Year, The Daily Audio Bible, and more.

Olive Tree is another phone app that I have heard is great from a few other ladies. It is a tad bit different than the above applications. It has the ESV bible version for free, and has a whole category of free resources, which impressively includes Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary on the Whole Bible, John Piper sermons & books, M’Cheyne sermons, Spurgeon books,  and many others.  This is a website or app that is great for buying and storing all in one place: bible reference books, dictionaries, commentaries, christian eBooks  bible study tools, cross references, bible maps, devotionals, theology, and academic reading.

These four are just a couple from the numerous amount of resources on the internet  We would love to know if you have any that you enjoy that were not listed, or if you use one of these.


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