5 Ideas Regarding Teaching Your Children About God

5 ideas for teaching your children about GodOne of my great privileges has been to teach my children about God. I loved talking about Him with them formally, as in having what we called “bible” with them, as well as informally, throughout the day as opportunities arose to speak of our great God and His words to us found in the bible.

We began our day with prayer and working on their memory verses at breakfast. It was so exciting to me that as soon as our children had learned to speak they were memorizing God’s Word. Because they had a verse for morning church and evening church when they were very young they started out memorizing two verses per week. At one point they were memorizing four verses per week. After thanking God for lunch and dinner we continued to work on our verses during these meals too. Working on our verses at meal times also directed our conversation to things of our Lord.

As situations arose, I would ask them what God’s word said about a particular situation; for instance, if someone was complaining, I’d ask what His word said about complaining. If someone wronged them I spoke to them about God’s forgiveness that was offered to us because His beloved Son died to take the punishment for our sin and how He wants us forgive others.

I would read many books about our amazing God to our children. I have to say that I learned that there are good books about the Lord as well as some that aren’t good. For instance, bible story books for children tended to not be true to the bible. I soon gave up on the bible story books and just read the bible to my kids. Children Desiring God at www.childrendesiringgod.org is an excellent resource for materials for teaching your children about our Heavenly Father. My former pastor, John MacArthur, wrote a book that I would also recommend called, I Believe in Jesus. There are many other good books but I would recommend that you read them before you purchase them. I know our MDF Resource Center has many solid books for you to borrow.

When our children learned to read they were given their own bible. They were expected to read through the whole bible. When they finished reading the bible, they each had a whole day with their dad to do whatever they wanted (and we could afford).

Every night before bed we also had what we called “bible.” This consisted of me reading the bible to the kids and praying with them. We would again work on their memory verses. If you haven’t noticed by now, this all took time and it required decisions to be made about how I would order my day and what I would delight most in as a mother. To be sure, it was a challenge, especially when I would have a newborn, but it was worth it. And do not be fooled, I was not perfect in doing this, but over the years of my care for my children it was the consistent course of action for our home.

Teaching my children about God was the most rewarding experience of my life. I expect that this was a blessing for obedience to tell others of the hope in us. My prayer is that each of you will enjoy the blessing of telling your children of your hope in Him.

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