Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter

“Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter
Girls as sharp as her are somethin’ rare
But it’s sad, she doesn’t love me now
She’s made it clear enough, it ain’t no good to pine.”

Those were the words Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits sang as he strolled up and down the stage at the Wisconsin State Fair, serenading all the 50 something women who were reliving their teen years. I was one of those women sitting in the crowd swaying back and forth to the music on a warm summer’s night. For those of you who never heard of Hermans Hermits, they were a pop band from the 1960’s British Invasion.

What is it about music that can take you back in time and make you feel young again?  The songs he sang brought me back to the summers of my youth where I was sitting in my bedroom with my best friend, Sandy, listening to “records”. It brought back memories of laying on my bed looking at my Davy Jones poster and the feelings of that first crush,  fantasizing that I would meet him one day.  As the warm evening air blew against my face, memories of going to a Peter Frampton concert singing, Baby, I Love Your Way filled my mind.

Peter still had the long “Beatle haircut” and was pretty cute from afar, but I was wondering how he looked up close and if he really looked like he was 65.  Did I say 65!

As I looked around the crowd, I saw mostly men and women with gray hair, wrinkles, and the middle age paunch. I asked myself, “Do I look that old?” In my mind, I was still that young girl, but my body was telling me otherwise.  After all, part of me couldn’t comprehend where all those years have gone and that I could be as old as those around me.  Boy, was I in delusion!

But the more I thought about it, I didn’t know if I’d want to go back in time. Those were years of  insecurities as I tried to “find myself”.

Through the years, the Lord has brought a peace of mind and contentment that I didn’t have in my teens, 20’s and 30’s.

As I sat on the beach this summer, I felt “comfortable” in my 50ish body, soaking up the warmth of the sun, as I made sand castles and played “swamp monster” with my three year old grandson, Ian. I wouldn’t trade being grandma for my youth. Yes, life is good and I thank the Lord daily for His blessings.

If she finds that I’ve been ’round to see you
Tell her that I’m well and feelin’ fine
Don’t let on, don’t say, “She broke my heart”
I’d go down on my knees but it’s no good to pine

Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter
Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter
Mrs. Brown you’ve got a lovely daughter


  1. Gaila Roper says:

    I agree! But Peter did still look pretty good Liz. Especially when he imitated Mick Jaeger, boy, that was funny!

  2. Yep, you pretty much summed it up Liz! 🙂

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