Guest Post: A Personal Reflection on Revive ’13

Guest Post by: Liz Salica

I recently had the opportunity of attending the Revive Our Hearts Conference in Schaumburg, Illinois. The theme of this year’s meeting was Women Helping Women. I was encouraged to learn about helping the women that God has put in my life. Learning begins with the word of God.

Doubt, unbelief, and insecurity are some of the struggles I face. If someone comes to me for advice, I find myself inadequate to help her because I do not have the confidence that what I am going to say is right. God showed me that what is right is His word. The Bible has to be the place I reach to at all times. God’s word is sufficient for everything. I have to stop relying on myself, and simply share God’s word. I need the Word. God has called me to be faithful and disciplined with my time in the Word.

I have a conviction to pray for the women that God has put in my life. I am not in this alone. God has surrounded me with other believers and I can learn so much from a woman who God has brought along in areas where I am weak. I need to honestly share what God is doing in my life and be encouraged to obedience by the sisters in Christ that He has given me. I am a sinner. I am not perfect. In fact, the only good thing in me is Christ. Elyse Fitzpatrick said it like this, “Let’s just be real!” That resonated with me. God sees the real me. He knows my heart, my motivations, and my sin. He loves me still, who can hold anything against me?

It was a privilege to praise and worship alongside believers from all around the world. In many ways, I was shown how vast and diverse the body of Christ is. God gives the gifts of the Spirit and they are spread over the whole congregation. I have sisters in Christ and when they minister to me, I grow in love towards God who fulfills my need through the body of Christ. There is great peace that comes from that. I remain in awe of our God who is vast and powerful and all.

God has renewed my hope, grown my faith, and given me blessing upon blessing. If my eyes are on this world, I start thinking that the future is uncertain; but, when I keep my eyes on God, I remember and have assurance that He has overcome this world and that is certain! Gathering together with the body of Christ gives me an excitement for that day when we can all sing His praises together in Heaven forever.

The sessions were recorded and are available for listening HERE.

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